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New video on the “CaughtNotSleeping” Channel:

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Result of tonight’s stream.

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I found a dead butterfly… Anyone we know?

I found a dead butterfly… Anyone we know?

it’s just a game

it’s just a game

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Protection has been on everyone’s minds lately, and with good reason. It’s dangerous out there and we want everyone safe. So a mass ritual has been discussed. To volunteer to participate in the ritual, we ask you to put your general-ish location on a Google map. Using the volunteers on the map, we’ll pick 9 of the outermost people (creating a big circle) and one final person right in the middle to do a certain protection ritual. The idea is that the protection ritual will umbrella over everyone involved and will keep us safe.
If you are an anchor or you are dealing with other unnatural things that might interfere with the umbrella, you will not be picked as one of the 10 people.
In order to put your location on the map, please contact either me or Mr. Tanuki. We’ll give you the link.
Let me stress something here. You don’t have to put your location on the map. Even your general-ish location. It’s not required, this is a VOLUNTEER thing. We aren’t making anyone do anything and if you don’t feel comfortable participating, that is a-okay. If you do, however, know that we are keeping this as private as we possibly can.

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  • Question: birdcatmakesposts here, I understand that, but, I look very closely at whom ever is killing that person and notice that the man in the coat is bald. it is also just a theory that was made by someone else that caught could be showtime and not know it, not me. remember the whole lack of sleep problem Caught has been having? there has been cases of people having multiple personalities and not knowing it. I support your thoughts, but they're a little bit off, and I do hope Caught is not showtime. - avianfeline
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    Yeah, sure, we had that thought at one point, but several differnt factors came up and disproved that. If you’re paying attention to the wiki, Showtime’s page is horribly outdated. Trust me, I would know. Natalie was convinced that was Help3r, and we know that Help3r killed Scott and that body in the woods was Scott. Also, that person was wearing a hood, you couldn’t see their head. We’re about 98.9 percent certain that was help3r hacking away at the body, but if you don’t wanna believe that, try this: Showtime was active while Caught was comatose. Showtime threatened and killed while Help3r was keeping caught strapped to a chair somewhere.

    Any other butterflies/globs wanna add to this?

    Here’s the evidence we have so far on the identity of the person in Willow’s Peak Tape:

    • The coat the person in Willow’s Peak Tape is wearing is definitely not the same coat that Caught wears in A Long Night and later videos (we’ve been over it and over it and it’s definitely different)
    • Natalie swears the person in that video is Help3r
    • Roivas swears the person in that video is Help3r, and the victim is Scott
    • We have seen in Into the Dark that Scott’s ghost/whatever was dressed the same as the body
    • We have seen in Into the Dark that Help3r took Scott hostage and put the bag on his head that was seen both on Scott’s ghost and on the victim in Willow’s Peak Tape
    • Help3r had motivation to kill Scott, as seen in both Into the Dark and implied in the Cranbrook journal, that Scott damaged Help3r’s doll
    • Unknown, Warren, and Devin all tell of rumors and reports that Help3r murders people in general
    • Help3r has been directly confronted about murdering Scott and being the person in Willow’s Peak Tape and has never denied it (and personally I believe that if he hadn’t done it, he’d just say so)
    • Some people cite the long coat as evidence of it not being Help3r because he has never at any other point being seen wearing different clothes. But there are also arguments for it being completely plausible why he would put on a protective coat while butchering someone, so that is inconclusive evidence.
    • There are no witness reports (aka people who may have actually been involved/there) to suggest the person in Willow’s Peak tape is not Help3r.
    • There is no evidence to support anyone else killing Scott.
    • There is no evidence to support the body in Willow’s Peak Tape not being Scott.
    • Also, I’m like 99.9% sure the person in Willow’s Peak Tape is not bald (or at least that we can’t know), they’re wearing a hood. We never see their face or potential hair.

    Basically, the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of the person in Willow’s Peak Tape being Help3r, not Showtime.

    As for Caught being Showtime, the theory was definitely present and popular for some time. I even subscribed to it for awhile, it made an intriguing mental narrative. But there has never actually been any evidence that proved the theory, only allowed for it, so it was really more of a crack theory.

    And the strongest piece of evidence to support Caught not being Showtime is, as Urbanus pointed out, that Showtime was active, both speaking to chat members and killing people, while Caught was a) catatonic and b) under the supervision of either Natalie or Help3r. I think that pretty definitely proves they couldn’t have been the same.

    Yeah, as a huge Help3r fan, I railed against this theory for a long time, but in the end even I have to admit; it’s Help3r.

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